Virtual Boy Wario Land is a video game released for the Virtual Boy. It was released in 1995, and as its name implies Stars Wario in another platforming adventure similar to the previous entries in the series. It was originally going to be called "Wario's Cruise" then later changed to "Wario's Treasure Hunt" and finally the game became "Virtual Boy Wario Land". It is also the last Wario Land game made by Gunpei Yokoi before his death in 1997.


The helmet's that Wario can get make a return in this game. Wario goes through several underground levels in order to reach the surface again and find treasure along the way. Depending on how many treasures you find it a set amount of time affects the game's ending.



  • The game won Best Virtual Boy Game in the 1995 Nintendo Power Awards.
  • This is the last Wario Land game where Wario wears a hunter-esque hat instead of his usual plumber Cap and can change different hats.

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