Van gore

Van Gore's Gold Frame

Vincent Van Gore is the final Portrait Ghost in the Nintendo GameCube game Luigi's Mansiom. Van Gore is an obvious reference to the famous painter Vincent Van Goh, and he speaks in a stereo typical French accent. Van Gore resides in the Artist's Studio, and is quite probably King Boo's most trusted ghost. Van Gore was responsible for all the ghosts in the mansion becoming a reality.


When Luigi enters the room, Van Gore will tell him about his work and will then send seven legions of his latest work to attack Luigi, each containing three ghosts. these legions are: three Gold Ghosts, three Purple Punchers, three Blue Twirlers, three red Grabbing Ghosts, three red Shy Guy Ghosts, three Garbage Can Ghosts, and three Purple Bombers. after Luigi kills all seven regiments, Van Gore becomes very depressed and doesn't put up a fight as Luigi sucks him up.

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