Vile (or VAVA in Japanese) is one of the main antagonists in most Mega Man X games. He acts as a replacement for Bass


Mega Man X

Vile won't shoot a net unless Mega Man X is in low health. Vile in his armor grabs X until Zero comes to rescue X, telling him that he's too weak to beat him. After that, Vile doesn't appear until the first Sigma stage. Vile will behave like the one in the intro in the fortress. After getting caught, Zero is weak and Mega Man X will have to fight him. Vile might fire orbs on the ground and then capture X with a net. His greatest weakness is Homing Torpedo. However, Rolling Shield is his main weakness.

Mega Man X3

Vile appears as a secret boss in his second appearance. The best way to beat him is to wall jump to avoid getting smashed and then shooting him. After his ride armor is gone, Vile will go mad by shooting fire orbs at the ground. X will have to avoid these and Vile will shoot bullets and then dash in the battle. Vile then repeats again.

Mega Man Xtreme

Vile will behave like the one in his first appearance, except he doesn't shoot nets. He serves as the intro boss in the game.

Other media

  • In Ruby Spears' Mega Man, Vile appears as one of the starring characters only appearing in the episode, Mega X, along with Spark Mandrill.
  • Vile also appears in the manga, Rockman X.


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