Vigrid also Dubbed as the "City of Deja Vu" is a European city state appearing in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2,the entire city was once the property of the Lumen Sages and Umbra Witches before they were all wiped out by the civil war that took place 500 years before the first Bayonetta.



In the first game, Bayonetta travels to the city of Vigrid after learning of information from Enzo about a precious gemstone was put on the black market and quickly retracted. Having traced the stone's origins and feeling it may hold some answers to her forgotten past (being in possession of a similar stone), Bayonetta travels around the globe to reach the city. Along the way through, she remembers important events from the past relating to her time as an Umbran Witch and eventually learns of the controlling prescence of Father Balder on the area in his plan to lure her to the ressurection of Jubileus, The Creator.

Bayonetta 2

Vigrid reappears in the sequel when Bayonetta is sent into the past around the time of the Witch Hunts by Loki. She lands in one of the initial courtyard areas, ruined by the raging war of the time and remarks that she knows where and when she is. It is soon after this that she encounters her mother, Rosa.

Society and culture


Though the city has no official diplomatic leadership, it actually is rulled by a De Facto leader of sort in the person of the last surviving Lumen Sage, Balder who is also the president of a multi-billion dollar technological conglomerate known as the Ithavoll Group. The Ithavoll Group and his leader maintained Vigrid's immense wealth, self-sustainability and isolationism during the 500 years separating the end of the war and the beggining of the first Bayonetta.


Being a theocracy, the city state of Vigrid has an official religion, the cult of the Laguna. the cult of the Laguna is a religion spred by Balder following the end of the war and his possession by Loptr, in this religion, the Angels and their ruler, Jubileus, The Creator are seen as the creators of the Trinity of Realities while other "Realities" are seen as inferior.