Viewtiful Joe(JP) is an action-platformer video game released on the GameCube in 2003, produced by Clover Studio. It stars Joe - a casual movie-goer - as the main protagonist of the game, and serves as a 2D platformer combined with 3D cel-shading effects for a novel take on the graphics. 

The game was a critical success upon its release and has since spawned a number of sequels, effectively establishing a series of its own.


The game stars Joe as he and his girlfriend are at a movie. Suddenly, the enemy in the movie comes out of the screen, grabs Joe's girlfriend, and goes back in. Now Joe will have to travel through the movie world trying to save her.


The gameplay in Viewtiful Joe includes some of the most awe-inspiring mechanics that the GameCube has to offer. Joe will go through a seemingly traditional sidescrolling environment though surprises will loom out at all times and Joe will learn new abilities that are ultimately required. The game can be considered challenging in two aspects - first, Joe will have to make a desperate attempt to thwart his enemies, and second is the fact that he'll also have to conquer plenty of puzzles that revolve around the core abilities that Joe will learn.

Joe's basic commands are punching, kicking, moving, jumping and ducking, the latter two being the only ways to dodge oncoming enemy attacks. However, in the course of the game Joe will learn new abilities and acquire new weapons that will greatly help him on his journey. The paramount powers include Slow, Mach Speed, and Zoom, each one giving him a power that their names imply.

Interesting things will also occur in the game world when under the influence of the powers. For example, if water is spewing out of a fountain, Joe can cause it to go back down by using the Slow trick. It has been suggested that each of the powers is based on moves from the movie The Matrix.


  • The game was released with different variations of the artwork on the disc cover across the regions. In Europe and Australia, the game was interestingly released with two different coloured artworks at the same time, in pink or yellow. 
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