Vice: Project Doom is a sidescrolling platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1991. The game has the player take the role of Hart, a secret agent trying to uncover a conspiracy.


The game consists of 11 stages with parts. The majority of these stages are sidescrolling action stages but, a few change up the gameplay with shooting or driving. Each stage begins with a movie-style sequence which provides the game's narrative. In the sidescrolling stages, the Hart has 3 different weapons at his disposal; a laser whip, a revolver and grenades. The whip can be used indefinitely but has a short range. Revolver and grenades have limited ammunition that can be dropped by enemies alongside health restoring items.

In the driving sections, the game is viewed from a top-down perspective with the player shifting gears on the road and shooting enemies with the attached gun.

Shooting sections are from Hart's pespective with the player moving the reticle around the scenery and the buttons controlling firing the gun and throwing a grenade.



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