Vermin is a Game & Watch game where you have to smash the moles that get near to your garden with a huge hammer. If three moles destroys part of your garden, then you lose the game and have to start over. In game B of the game, there are more moles.


Players attain points by clobbering moles that emerge from the ground. The moles are attempting to destroy the main character's garden, and it is the player's goal to make sure they don't do this. The player can accomplish this by moving the character (described in the manual as a puppet) via the left and right buttons on the hardware. If the hammer is above the hole where a mole is about to surface, it will automatically smash the creature, thus rewarding the player with a point. As the player progresses, the speed of the game increases. If a mole makes it through the hole unscathed, it will result in a lost life for the player. After three moles get through, the game is over and the player must restart it.

The only difference between Game A and Game B is the difficulty level. In Game A, there are four holes from which the moles will emerge while in Game B the hole in the center is used, racking that number up to five. The same rules apply to each game mode.

Technical specifications[]

The following are the specifications for the original Game & Watch. Note that in subsequent re-releases minor changes may have been made that alter these statistics slightly.

Technical specifications
Dimensions Width: 95 mm
Height: 63 mm
Depth: 11.5 mm
Weight 51 grams. This is with batteries. The weight without the batteries is unknown.
Battery Two Alkali-Manganese batteries (LR43 or SR43).
Battery life With the clock, the battery lasts an estimated 6 months with LR43 batteries and 12 months with SR43 batteries. If the user plays the game only one hour a day, the system would last for six months on LR43 (battery life with SR43 is unknown). The user should notice when the battery's life has been depleted when the screen's display is hard to distinguish.
Input Left button, right button, Game A button, Game B button, time button (displays time), ACL (allows the user to change the time displayed).
Temperature Vermin works properly in temperatures between 50° and 104° Fahrenheit (10°-40° Celsius).
Clock accuracy The average daily difference is an estimated 3 seconds when under adequate temperatures (see above).

Game & Watch Gallery version[]

Vermin Yoshi

In the updated version of Vermin in the Game & Watch series, the regular Mr. Game & Watch is replaced by Yoshi who has to stop various Mario enemies from destroying Yoshi Eggs.

Although Vermin was never utilized in Game & Watch Gallery 4 itself, a promo advertisement for the then-planned Game & Watch Gallery-e series of Nintendo e-Reader cards implied that both the Classic and Modern versions of Vermin would have been updated for the GBA system as part of the card line. However the e-reader line was abruptly cancelled before it saw release.

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda version[]

This version, included in Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda, was largely similar to the Classic version, only the player character and moles are modified to be based on Link and Octoroks, respectively.


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