Velouria is a playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Conquest and Revelation​ paths.


Velouria is the daughter of Keaton. Like the other children of Fates, Velouria was placed in the Deeprealms to spare her from the war.

In her Paralogue, Velouria is busy picking acorns, hoping to find the shiniest one to present to her father. She ends up wandering near the portal out of her Deeprealm where she picks up her father's scent. She decides to go out and find him, only to find invisible invaders in the middle of a battle against her father and his friends. She eventually finds Keaton and joins in the battle. After the battle, Velouria believes that Keaton set up the battle as a "game". Keaton attempts to downplay his happiness in seeing his daughter, but Velouria picks it up thanks to his tail wagging. Keaton attempts to send her back to her Deeprealm, but Velouria refuses, wanting to join Keaton's "pack". Though Keaton continues to refuse, she presents a shiny acorn that she found. Keaton is impressed by the present and gives her a gift that he found himself; a bat carcass. Velouria is equally happy for her gift and her happiness is enough to convince Keaton to let her join the army.

Her birthday is on October 11.

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