The Vehemoth Phosbat is the Boss of the Distant Tundra in Pikmin 3, it is the first boss encountered but the second fought in the game. The Vehemoth Phosbat is a huge bioluminescent moth-like creature with a giant gaping mouth. It is a part of the Aerodentia Family. Defeating it will free Captain Charlie who was swallowed by the beast at the beginning of the game and make the Heroine's Tear fall from the ceiling. The Phosbats are juvenile form of this creature spawned from the Phosbat Pods it laid.


The Vehemoth Phosbat is able to renders itself completely invisible in dark environements. When approaching the Capitains, it will render itself visible thanks to its bioluminescent hairs and start creating a powerful vortex with its mouth, if the Pikmin are trapped in the vortex, they will be eaten after a short amount of time. to defeat it, the Captains will have to use Yellow Pikmin to light up the room which will render it vulnerable to attacks. When attacked the Vehemoth Phosbat will release a cloud of toxic dust, the dust cannot kill Pikmin but it will scatter them around the room. Once two light bulbs are lighted up, the Vehemoth Phosbat will activate the Phosbat Pods in the room, those pod will continuously spawn Phosbats unless it is exposed to light. Once the big light bulb is activated, the Vehemoth Phosbat will be stuck in its "weak" phase and easily defeated.


Alph's notes

  • "Structural flaw: light sensitivity / Weight: 15 / It uses some powerful suction mechanism to vacuum up its prey, but what interests me is how it's nearly invisible in the dark. If I could replicate the effect, it could be huge for stealth systems on our ships! I'd also love to figure out how the captain managed to survive inside this creature for so long without food or water. But that's more of a biological problem. Not my field."

Brittany's notes

  • "It looks mean, but it's not so tough in the light. Why do you think it moves so slowly? Did it get indigestion from trying to eat the captain?"

Charlie's notes

  • "This is the thing that swallowed me! It may play dirty, but I respect its willingness to use any trick in the book to win. I'd accept a rematch anytime. It was more comfy in its stomach than I expected, but I'm still glad my team pulled me out when they did. I owe them a round of juice when we get back to Koppai!"

Louie's notes

  • "Lightly bread and fry whole. Slather a brioche bun with rémoulade, then top with fried beast and a handful of arugula. Serve with a lemon wedge."

Olimar's notes

  • "It is forced to live in darkness due to its extreme photosensitivity. The specialized chromatophores on its skin can absorb faint light sources to turn completely transparent. Its wings and spines are covered in mildly toxic scales that paralyze small insects until it can inhale them with a powerful vortex. Often, creatures that evolve in darkness have atrophied eyes and albinism, but that is notably not the case here. It does, however, share a tendency to only venture out at night with other cave dwellers."
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