Peach using Vegetable against Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Vegetable is a move found in the Super Smash Bros. series that is only done by Princess Peach. The move can be executed by pressing down B, in which Peach will root a Vegetable from Super Mario Bros. 2 out from the ground. Each vegetable has a different expression on its face, and these expressions will determine how much damage will be delivered upon an enemy. Rarely she'll also bring out a Mr. Saturn, a Beam Sword or a Bob-omb. The vegetable can then be thrown at an enemy, thus inflicting damage.


The move is a reference to an ability in Super Mario Bros. 2, where all four character (Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach) were capable of pulling vegetables, among other items, out of the ground.


The vegetable has different faces for different damage output varying upon distance between players with more damge being closer

  • Smile 5-13%
  • Circle Eyes 5-13%
  • Line Eyes 5-13%
  • Carrot/T Eyes 5-13%
  • Upward Curve eyes Eyes 5-13%
  • Wink 9-17%
  • Dot Eyes 15-23%
  • Stitch Face ("Gaddish") 33-41%

In Melee, the chance for pulling out items was very low, about 1/300. Stitch Face were also quite rare. This was increased 1/58 per item as well as the stitch face being increased to 1/58.

The idea with this attack is normally zoning, racking up damage and keeping opponents. However, the Stitch Face, Dot Eyes and Bob-omb, have excellent knockback being some of Peach's earliest KO moves. Getting these can allow Peach to make a KO earlier in a match which matters since Peach is pretty light and doesn't have too many moves with high knockback.


With Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, every move gained two alternate variations.

  • Light Vegetable: A smaller floaty vegetable that is quicker to pull up but has much less knockback and damage. It also doesn't follow gravity
  • Heavy Vegetable: A bigger vegetable that takes longer to pull up but has increased damage and much better knockback

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