Vegas Stakes is a video game for the SNES, Game Boy, and Wii Virtual Console that was initially released in 1993 by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. The goal of the game is to go to Las Vegas and try to earn as much money as possible, with the utmost goal being $10 million.


In the game, the player will go to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to participate in a variety of casino games including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, and Slots. Once in Vegas, his goal is to earn the unreasonable amount of $10 million. Accompanying the player character are four friends who are also wanting to make it big (note: this is only in the SNES version, in the Game Boy version they are absent). In the game, the friends will give the player advice, though depending on which character is helping you in which game the advice may be good or bad. They are as follows:


  • Richard
    • Black Jack: Bad advice.
    • Craps: Good advice.
    • Poker: Bad advice.
    • Roulette: Bad advice
  • Cliff
    • Black Jack: Good advice.
    • Craps: Unknown
    • Poker: Bad advice
    • Roulette: Bad advice
  • Maria
    • Black Jack: Bad advice
    • Craps: Good advice
    • Poker: Unknown
    • Roulette: Bad advice
  • Isabelle
    • Black Jack: Fantastic advice
    • Craps: Unknown
    • Poker: Good advice
    • Roulette: Bad advice



  • Vegas Stakes was available on Club Nintendo for 250 coins (only for the Wii).

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