Vanessa Z. Schneider is the heroine of the game P.N.03 that stands for Product Number Three, Vanessa is a very agile fighter and has cat-like moves. She can shoot energy blasts out of her hands and perform energy drives, these differ depending on which Aegis suit she wears. She's a cybernetically enhanced mercenary hired by "The Client" to destroy rogue (CAMS) robots that have been massacring innocent colonists (including her parents).


In some of the final chapters of the game Vanessa discovers she is a clone of someone else and finds another specimen being a clone of herself. It is later revealed to her that "The Client" is also a clone of the same person Vanessa was cloned from. The facts affect her thoughts, whether her parents were actually real or just implanted memory.

Vanessa fighting.

The media overall averaged her game up to 6.1, which is not the worst but not good for a starting game series, but people's reviews are a lot higher scores either averaging from 7.0 or higher. It is unknown whether there will be a sequel for Vanessa, and even though her character is viewed as awesome there are many controversies about the game. P.N.03's creator Shinji Mikami said that though he loved the character he wished he had put more time to the game and had made catchier points.

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