Vanessa ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is one of of the Pegasus Knights of Frelia and Syrene's younger sister. She has a crush on her prince, Innes.


Along with Moulder and Gilliam, Vanessa is one of the three soldiers who joins Eirika's army receive when she reaches Castle Frelia. King Hayden calls them a group of trusted soldiers.

Vanessa admires her sister's ability, though it turns out Syrene admires Vanessa's ability to remain calm and collected in the most hectic situations. She befriends Lute, the self-proclaimed prodigy, despite the fact that their A support conversation starts out with Lute trying to attack Vanessa's Pegasus, Titania.

Romantically speaking, she may also form feelings for Forde, though she commonly scolds him for falling asleep in battle. It is revealed that she does love someone, for in her A support with Syrene, she tells her sister that she is also fighting this war for the man she loves. Syrene tells her after the war to have the man she loves come and eat with them. In her supports with Moulder, he notices her crush on Innes and encourages it by first telling her the story about Innes's earlier archery feats, then openly telling her to speak to him.

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