Vampyr is an action role-playing game released by Focus Home Interactive. The game has the player take control of a doctor who has turned into a vampire and has to deal with his undead status and his duty. The game was originally developed by DONTNOD, but was ported to the Nintendo Switch by Saber Interactive in 2019.


The player can avoid most combat encounters aside from boss battles. The player can use dialogue options for conversation and hunting people. The player can manipulate people with their habits and collect clues. Since the player is a vampire, they cannot enter a house without an invitation. There are many different factions of vampires the player encounters across the story. The game has multiple endings and the victims the player makes have consequences for London, though it is possible to beat the game without killing anyone.

As a vampire, the player can use weapons and vampire abilities in combat. The player gets stronger by feeding or investigating which gives him experience for the skill tree. The abilities may require blood to be used.



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