Valbar(JP) is a playable character that appears in Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


Valbar lived in a small village on the coast with his parents, his sister, his brother, and his wife and son. He became a Zofian knight in order to support his family financially. However, while he was serving his duty elsewhere, Barth's pirates attacked the village, killing his entire family. With his sworn brother Leon and Kamui the mercenary, he sought out and fought against Barth. While he was waiting for his chance, Celica's party lands in the middle of their fight and began fighting them as well, so they joined forces to beat Barth. When the battle ends, Valbar felt a debt of gratitude towards Celica for having helped him fulfill his revenge, and sets out on her journey with her, with his group following along.

After the war, he was given the role of training new recruits of the Kingdom of Valentia's Brotherhood of Knights at Alm's request alongside his companion, Leon. Thanks to his personality, he happily spent his later years surrounded by many people.

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