Valak Mountain is an area located on Bionis' right arm in Xenoblade Chronicles. The mountain region leads to Sword Valley. At night the crystal like structures send a yellow beam of light into the sky, illuminating the whole mountain. There are no permanent settlements in this zone, and its only inhabitants are a couple of Nopon explorer parties coming from Makna Forest to which the mountain is connected. After the events of the Mechonis Core a group of High Entia refugees can be found in the Sealed Tower.


Before the events of the game

In a distant past the region was the home of Giants and High Entia but a movement of Bionis is said to have changed its climate to the cold region it is during the game.

Road to Sword Valley

The party is forced to pass by the Valak Mountain in order to reach Sword Valley. Upon reaching the area, they are told by Alvis to head towards the Sealed Tower. Arriving at the entrance to the tower, they find that the door is covered by a thick layer of ice. They must then obtain the Magma Rock from Conflagrant Raxeal in the Lava Cave in order to use it to melt the ice and enter the tower. Once resting inside Sealed Tower, Alvis and Shulk have a discussion about the nature of their visions and the Monado, which Dunban overhears. After that, the party continues towards Bionis' Wrist via the Great Glacier, where they encounter Face Nemesis before being forced to engage Metal Face in battle, where he reveals himself as Mumkhar for the first time. After Mumkhar defeat, Egil arrive in its Faced Mechon, Yaldabaoth, and reveal himself as the leader of Mechonis before leaving with Face Nemesis and Metal Face while inviting the party to follow them to Sword Valley.


Normal Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters

Quest Exclusive Unique Monsters


Landmarks and Locations





Name Requirement
A Snowy Hot Spring Shulk and Riki - Cloudy Affinity
First Sight of Snow Reyn and Fiora - Yellow affinity
In Ose Tower Dunban and Riki - Green Affinity
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