Vaan is the main character of Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and is a playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. In Revenant Wings, he is new to being a sky pirate, which he has strived to be since his first role in Final Fantasy XII. He greatly looks up to his inspiration in sky pirating, Balthier, who he tries to learn from. In Final Fantasy Tactics A2, he claims to be the second-best sky pirate, presumably to Balthier, but says that he will be the best in due time. In Revenant Wings, Balthier often tells him that he is not acting like a sky pirate. In every game he has appeared in, he is accompanied by his partner, Penelo, who worries about him constantly in a motherly fashion.

Revenant Wings

Vaan is the first playable character in the game in the Glabados Ruins where he must fight off Red Flans while rescuing Penelo and finding Balthier and Fran. After the mission, they discover treasure after a run-in with Ifrit, and Esper, that he and Balthier split, causing the ruins to start to fall from under them. They safely return to Rabanastre, a bustling desert city and Vaan's hometown, where he finds an ancient airship that he steals and finds he can control with the treasure he found in the ruins making him an official sky pirate. His abilities include wielding one-handed swords, increasing his party's speed, and stealing stats from enemy units.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2


Vaan in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Vaan appears halfway through the game in a mission where Luso and his party are fighting vandals on an airship in Moorabella and accuses Luso of being there for the treasure and that he would find it first. After the mission, Penelo shows up and asks why Vaan was on the wrong airship. Later, a bill is posted to arrest Vaan for trying to assassinate Baron Beltorey, who the party later finds out is done by the Khamja, an evil organization. The party can optionally recruit Vaan near the end of the game. His class is called Sky Pirate, he equips sabres, and his abilities include raising his own speed and stealing loot from enemies.

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