VOEZ is a rhythm game originally for mobile devices by Rayark. The game was brought to the Nintendo Switch by Flyhigh Works in March 2017, being a launch title in Japan and Europe. The game currently features 144 different songs with more songs coming via updates. This is one of the few handheld-only Switch games. A retail version launched in January 2018 in Asia and in Fall 2018 for the rest of world.


The screen is set with a black line at the bottom of the screen with notes falling from the top. As the note hits the line, players has to either tap, hold, slide (move finger across line) or swipe (swipe screen in a direction) depending on the note.

Depending on how accurately each note is hit, the player is judged with a rating of the following; Miss, OK, Perfect and Max Perfect. At the end of a song, the player will be given a grade according to how well they performed in the song with S being the best and C for finishing the song. Players can titles for each song if they sustain a full combo.

Each song has 3 different difficulty levels; Easy, Hard and Special. This is on top of the rating which shows a song being more difficult with higher numbers. Players can also choose the speed of the notes.

List of songs

The game currently includes 162 songs with more songs being added with free updates.



Version 1.1 launched in June 2017 with 18 new songs

Version 1.2 launched in August 2017 and added 12 new songs.

Version 1.3 launched in November 2017 and added 14 new songs

The 1.3.1 Version launched with the retail version in January 2018. It added docked and controller support.

Version 1.4 launched in February 2018 and adds 14 songs


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