VIC (short for Virtual Information Cube) is a main character in the Wii game Disney Universe.


Disney Universe

VIC talks to the player about Disney Universe. He has downloaded many costumes, bots and guests to enter the world. VIC says that the Bots are completely safe. However, the Bots are hypnotized by HEX. VIC has a bad feeling that something is wrong until a guest can save the worlds of Disney Universe. VIC gives the guests message. For example, when falling off a bottomless pit, VIC will give you a message saying, "If you lose all of your health or fall of a ledge, you will re-spawn." During loading screens, VIC talks first before HEX. For example, VIC says, "Defeating enemies increases your grade" and HEX will cut his line by saying, "...And that makes me mad!". There are some VIC cubes scattered around. VIC gives the guest a random power up. During the ending, VIC talks to HEX why he lost.


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