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Welcome to the Nintendo Wiki, Jeydo!
Welcome to the Nintendo Wiki, and thank you for your contributions!

Have fun editing!

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Re:Why I Edit

For credits, I just find the youtube of the credits (as trying to write down the credits as it goes on in game is practically impossible) and pause the videos when copying down the names and such. I prefer if there were only credits of games published by Nintendo though so if you plan to make credit pages check what Nintendo games are missing first. Also, just a warning if you do credits for NES, early SNES and early Game Boy games is that there tends to be a fair amount of fake names used. If I can figure out who they are, I'll fix them for you though.

You can also try creating simple character, location, item, species or group pages if you are familar enough with a game to make a page for it. As long as you put a head template and a decent image of the page's topic, you are fine. If you have old copies of Nintendo Power, feel free to make pages for the one's we're missing too and expanding the ones missing content.

Also for that question you asked about my icon, it was made for me when I was thinking about making a LP channel on youtube. I tried getting astrogamer, astrogames and theastrogames but they were already taken so I took the channel tehastrogames. I never got too serious about it mostly because my laptop couldn't handle recording gameplay without desyncing the audio and video and framedrops.

Astrogamer (talk) 03:27, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

Oh got me thinking, maybe if those aren't so much fake names, as it is with game editors having fun much like they do in Simpsons episodes. I think that's what your referring to right? Sort of like nicknames?

What sort of computer would you need? I wouldn't be able to tell if audio or video got desynced without watching it or if the frames dropped if I made a video. You should give it another go if you build your own desktop or whatnot. My laptop sounds like a space heater at times. Jeydo (talk)

The fake names were sometimes fun like in Castlevania (they were all like monster movie writers, directors and such), I think, but most of the time they were used because either they didn't want to be famous or because the company didn't want their employees to get snatched by other companies for their talent. It was pretty common for Japanese companies back. 

For recording and editting, my current laptop wouldn't be that bad (8 GB and an i7 CPU) but I should have a higher end graphics card and maybe more ram in case if I wanted to use my computer for stuff. I'll probably consider trying again once I'm out of college and have my own place.

Astrogamer (talk) 03:50, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

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