Daniel 1939

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on December 17
  • I am Male
Welcome to the Nintendo Wiki, Daniel 1939!
Welcome to the Nintendo Wiki, and thank you for your contributions!

Have fun editing!

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It depends what you want to do. So what site are you looking to change the CSS of? Also do you have any previous experience with CSS? ~Rocketslime_1_1 (Talk | Wall | Contribs) 13:48,3/21/2015

I'd recommend looking up some websites and videos on coding CSS to get a general idea of how CSS works. I also recommend that you see if your browser has some sort of Inspect Element function, which can prove quite useful when working on CSS. The following link also has a bit of information of CSS as it pertains to Wikia: ~Rocketslime_1_1 (Talk | Wall | Contribs) 03:37,3/28/2015
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