I know as well as anyone that Nintendo disapointingly underperformed at E3 this year. But with a brand new year around the corner, I am extremely optimistic about what they will give us about six months from now. I know that it is still kind of early, but I am still eager to get my predictions out there and see what people think. I have sepparated my blog into two categories. Under the What I Think Will Happen category, I talk about some logical announcements based on what we already know. Under the What I Want to Happen category, I talk about a little less likely possible surprises that would get me pretty excited. Please use the comments to let me know what you think!


Zelda Wii U- Nintendo has more or less already confirmed that this game is in developement, and has apparently said that it will be the largest yet.

Mario Kart Wii U- Again, this has basically been confirmed to be in developement during a Nintendo Power interview with a person who worked on Mario Kart 7, (whose name and position I sadly forgot), who said that they were already thinking of ideas for how the series could work on the Wii U. I think we will soon see their ideas in action.

Mario 3D Platformer for Wii U- Time never passes for to long without us knowing about a more notable Mario game in the works. There is also never a long time for a 3D platformer from Mario to not be on a Nintendo home console since the N64.

Retro Studio's New Project: Star Fox Wii U- Reggie Fils-Aime has said that Retro's new game will most likely be announced at the next E3. When it was announced that they were working on a new project, the four debated franchises that fans thought they could be working on were Star Fox, another Metroid, F-Zero, or Zelda. Shigeru Miyamoto stated sometime ago that Retro was not currently able to work on Zelda, and more recently said that there was no reason to make a new F-Zero game, leaving only Star Fox and Metroid as the likely candidates. While I would like to see a new Metroid game, I think it is more likely for them to work on something new to them after they showed how much they can handle different genres with Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Donkey Kong 3DS- Donkey Kong Country Returns was realeased for over two years now, and it would be nice to see him back for now. I would be happy if his next game was for the Wii U, but I would be even more happy to see the 3DS get a good DK game to boost its total library quality.

Metroid Wii U- Miyamoto has commented about how well the Metroid series suits the Wii U GamePad. Hopefully, they find a reliable developer to put that suitability to use. Metroid deserves HD graphics!

'INFORMATION' on the new Super Smash Bros.: I know that this game is still early in developement. I just think it would be nice to at least here a juicy tidbit of new info about the game. I DO think that we have a chance of seeing a small teaser trailer, though I think that it is more likely to see that in 2014.

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