Since E3 is getting around the corner & they said they'll reveal the Smash Brothers 4 screenshots in June. I thought I should bring up who should be rivals in the next game.

My Idea (Some Connections Below):

Character 1 Character 2
Mario Link
Donkey Kong Meta Knight
Fox Samus
Kirby Pikachu
Yoshi Jiggly Puff
Princess Peach Ice Climbers
Princess Zelda King Dedede
Luigi Falco
Diddy Kong Ness
Lucus Captain Olimar
Ike Captain Falcon
Wario Wolf
Snake Sonic
Susumu Hori (Mr. Driller) White Bomber (Bomberman)
Crash Bandicoot Starfy (Legendary Starfy)
Rayman Klonoa
Tak (Tak and The Power of Juju) Viewtiful Joe
Globox (Rayman) Viridi (Kid Icarus)
Pit Gannondorf
R.O.B. Mr. Game and Watch
Anna Hottenmeyer (Mr. Driller) Mermaid (Legendary Starfy)
Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) Louie (Pikmin)
Jeera (Tak and The Power of Juju) Tails (Sonic)
I-Ninja Marrone (Phantom Brave)
Poke'mon Trainer Bowser
False Tak Ash (Phantom Brave)
False Zelda (Super Smash Brothers Brawl) Razoff (Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc)
False Peach (Super Smash Brothers Brawl) Knuckles (Sonic)
Lok (Tak and The Power of Juju) Dr. Neo Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)
Moe (Legendary Starfy) Banana Waddle Dee (Kirby: Return to Dreamland)
False Diddy Kong (Super Smash Brothers Brawl) Mona (Wario Ware)
False Razoff Estellise Sidos Heurassein (Tales Of Vesperia)
Paper Mario Dixie Kong
False Mermaid Paper Princess Peach (Paper Mario)


  • Mario and Link-Both are well know character from Nintendo and had recued the princesses they loved
  • Donkey Kong and Meta-Knight-Both started out as rivals to the main character and would help them fight evil in certain games.
  • Fox and Samus-Both are space heroes and rid evil thoughout the galaxy.
  • Kirby and Pikachu-Both have cute mascot appearances and has some fannon in there game series.they go on adventures.
  • Yoshi and Jiggly Puff-Both are fan apeeling characters and
  • Peach and Ice Climbers-Both had feeling for there loved one. Popo has feeling for Nana (both are Ice Climbers) and Peach has feeling for Mario
  • Zelda and King Dedede-Both carrie royale titles and have their own kingdoms.
  • Luigi and Falco-Both are second bananas and picture themselves better than  the hero.
  • Diddy Kong and Ness-Both have red hats and had stopped evil forces in their game series.
  • Lucus and Captain Olimar-Both have lonesome personilites (despite have friends and family members) and had gone on quite a journey.
  • Ike and Captain Falcon-Both are comanders and have fire-base powers.
  • Wario and Wolf-Both are rivals to the main character and have their own line of people who work for them.
  • Snake and Sonic-Both are Brawl's only third party characters and Snake has a dislike towards Sonic.
  • Susumu and White Bomber-Both are popular in Japan, have games for GBA, Gamecube, DS, WiiWare and DSiWare and are the main protagonist in their adventures.
  • Crash and Starfy-Both are main protagonist and their singiture attack is spinning.
  • Rayman and Klono-Both are fictional creatures and lives in magical worlds.
  • Tak and Joe-Both are heroes who have love interterst as well as shows base on their game series and have more than one antagonist.
  • Globox and Viridi-Both debuted in sequels, helped out the main protagonist and have Red oni, Blue oni colors. Viriidi is Red while Globox is Blue.
  • R.O.B. and Game and Watch-Both relate to retro gaming.
  • Anna and Mermaind-Both are female characters who has unique hair styles and connection the the main protagonist.
  • Coco and Louie-Both are sidekicks who help the hero with their quest.
  • Jeera and Tails-Both are sidekicks to heroes who have fat antagonist. Sonic being arch-enemies with Eggman while Tak being arch-enemies with Cheif.
  • Pokemon Trainer and Bowser-Both command creatures into fighting.
  • False Zelda and Razoff-Both debuted in the third installment of their game series and uses shooting weapons.
  • Lok and Cortex-Both are dark headed characters with arrogants. Also, Lok was a main antagonist in the Tak TV series while Cortex is the main antagonist in the Crash Bandicoot game series.
  • Moe and Waddle Dee-Both are mouthless underlings. Moe being and underling of Starfy while Bandana Waddle Dee being one to Meta-Knight.
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