I have been playing Mario Kart a lot recently, and have also played Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing recently. I was wondering which one everyone here liked better. I like Mario Kart Wii SO much better, but some of my friends say that Sonic's racing game is way better. What do you guys think?

I like Mario Kart better for many reasons. First of all, Mario Kart is original, it's been around since the SNES. A Mario Kart has been developed for almost every Nintendo console created, including a couple handhelds. The developers have always been very creative when making the games. Fun new tracks, characters, and karts are added, while old ones are brought back new and improved. Gameplay has been great in the games, and the way of racing (shooting shells at people along with bananas, bombs, etc.) has always been more fun than any other racing game. I just feel like this game copied Mario Kart in almost every way, but then made it worse. What is your guys' opinion?

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