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If a genie appeared and offered you just one wish...

Would you wish for more info about the Nintendo Wiki?

I know I would!

“Wah hah hah hah...

“I will grant your wish, puny human!

“Abracadabra, alakazam!”

Oh my!

It looks like my wish was just granted!

Let me present: the Nintendo Support website!


...OK, I might have been making up the genie thing. But it’s true that you can find all kinds of useful info on the Nintendo Support website about how to get the most out of your Nintendo game or console!

You can check it out any time on a PC or smart device, so why not have a look?

More information

I’m here to provide you with the latest and greatest news about how to edit on the Nintendo wiki! There’s plenty more where that came from!

Ta-ra for now!


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