If you have read the forum article Article type based categories and achievements, then you know that I am working on adding achievements for each type of article. However, I have been having trouble coming up with ideas for some of the achievements. So I have decided to make a contest where users can suggest ideas for achievements (names and images), and those who enter suggestions or have done so already in the before mentioned topic will earn a special badge.

You can suggest as many achievement names and images for as many achievement lines as you want. In the end there will be only seven achievements for each achievements lines, but the more entries, the better.

Achievement names should ideally be things like "Fireball Thrower", "Anti-hero", "Memory Card Owner", or "Red Shirt". But you can enter more creative names too, like "Am or PM?", or "Ancient Times".

If you suggest a name for an achievement you can also suggest an image for it too. Good images would be character artwork, screenshots from games, but no fan art please.

Also try to make suggestions of different levels, come up with some tough sounding achievement names and some weak sounding achievement names, since the achievements will eventually be listed by the sound of their difficulty or strength.

The categories that we need achievements for are:

  • Game
  • Group
  • Item
  • Location
  • Organization
  • Other (misc.)
  • Person (real life)
  • Product
  • Series
  • Soundtrack
  • Species
  • System
  • Terminology

Be sure to read Template:Head#Types, to find the meanings for each type.

Please submit your entries in a format like the one below:

  • Fireball Thrower - (Ability)

Or if you have an image:

  • Fireball Thrower - (Ability) - File:300px-NSMB2 Fire Mario.png

If you have any questions about the contest feel free to ask.

The contest will end once enough achievement names have been gathered.

The contest is over. The participants have all received / will receive the badge for the contest.

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