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    If you have read the forum article Article type based categories and achievements, then you know that I am working on adding achievements for each type of article. However, I have been having trouble coming up with ideas for some of the achievements. So I have decided to make a contest where users can suggest ideas for achievements (names and images), and those who enter suggestions or have done so already in the before mentioned topic will earn a special badge.

    You can suggest as many achievement names and images for as many achievement lines as you want. In the end there will be only seven achievements for each achievements lines, but the more entries, the better.

    Achievement names should ideally be things like "Fireball Thrower", "Anti-he…

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    This is a list that can help to plan teams for Pokémon X and Y. This list lists the final evos of each chain of Gen 6 pokémon, and where one can obtain each of the pokémon in their evo chain.

    Name Image Type(s) Locations

    1. Chespin
      Starter, Trade (Starter = Fennekin)
    2. Quilladin
    3. Chesnaught


    1. Fennekin
      Starter, Trade (Starter = Froakie)
    2. Braixen
    3. Delphox


    1. Froakie
      Starter, Trade (Starter = Chespin)
    2. Frogadier
    3. Greninja


    1. Bunnelby
      Route 2, Route 3, Route 22
    2. Diggersby
      Route 22


    1. Fletchling
      Route 2, Route 3
    2. Fletchinder
      Friend Safari
    3. Talonflame


    1. Scatterbug
      Route 2, Santalune Forest
    2. Spewpa
    3. Vivillon
      Friend Safari


    1. Litleo
      Route 22
    2. Pyroar
      Friend Safari


    1. Flabébé
      Route 4, Route 7 (X)
    2. Floette
      Friend Safari
    3. Florg…

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    For the finals of the The Most Anticipated New Smash Bros. Character Contest the voting will be a simple 1-on-1-on-1 poll. The winner of the poll will win the tournament.

    The poll will end on September 1.

    • Rayman - 26
    • Pokémon Trainer (Gen 2) - 66
    • Shadow the Hedgehog - 45

    The poll has ended and the winner is Pokémon Trainer (Gen 2)! He/she has won with 66 votes, which was 48.18% of the votes. Shadow the Hedgehog was in second with 45 votes (32.85%). Rayman was in third with 26 votes (18.98%).

    To get the commemorative badge for the contest you simply have to post your username in this topic. You will be able to do so until 9/08/13.

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    For the semi-finals of the The Most Anticipated New Smash Bros. Character Contest the voting will be a bit different. There will be three groups of three characters, ans everyone can vote for one of the characters in each group, and those characters will move onto the finals. Each of the characters in the groups got at least nine thumbs up votes.

    This time the polls will be on this blog post and on the main page to, hopefully, get more people voting.

    The semi-finals will end, in three weeks, on August 9th.

    • Spyro
    • Pac-Man
    • Rayman - Winner

    • Waluigi
    • Toon Zelda
    • Pokémon Trainer (Gen 2) - Winner

    • Ghirahim
    • Tails
    • Shadow the Hedgehog - Winner
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    For round three of the The Most Anticipated New Smash Bros. Character Contest the voting will be a bit different. It will take place from now until July 19th, that is about three weeks (unless problems arise). For this round, Mega Man will be removed since he is already going to be in SSB4.

    The voting in this round will be different. For the entire time there will be a poll for each character, and for each poll you can vote thumbs up or thumbs down for the character. So if you want them to move onto the next round vote thumbs up. And if you don't want them to move onto the next round vote thumbs down. If you have no opinion on the character, then it is recommended that you don't vote in that character's poll.

    At the end of the round a few hi…

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