Mario 35th Anniversary Direct Thoughts

Hi, so, earlier today Nintendo released the "Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct" and I'll be going over what I think of it. Quick note, I'm going over the UK version because that's the one I watched. I don't know if there are any differences but if there are feel free to tell me. Anyway, let's get into it.

First off, I think it's weird that they chose the 35th anniversary to hype up. I understand that they're making all these games now so they want to put them out now but I feel like it would make more sense to wait for the 40th especially since this year is 2020 and making things and putting them out on time is very hard due to Covid-19 and lockdowns and all that. This leads me to belive that there'll be a new, main series Mario title in the next five years. It's been three years since Odyssey and I feel like the reason they're putting the 35th above the 40th is because they'll want to promote that the most and not all the other titles. But anyway, onto the actual reveals.

Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.

I don't have that much to say about this, I just think it's a cool thing for all people who like really retro things and want another way to play Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2, as if we don't have enough ways to play those already. But it's a neat little thing for anyone that wants it but I probably won't get it.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Not only was this leaked but we all saw it coming. Pretty much all big Wii U first party titles have been ported, remastered, remade or given a sequel on the Switch. It makes sense, the Wii U sold horribly so they'd want all of their big games to be accessible to the much larger Switch audience. But since I was one of the just under 14 million people to actually buy a Wii U (sounds like a lot, but it's really not) I have already played and finished Super Mario 3D World and I liked it quite a lot. I did feel like a lot of it felt pretty forgettable, I can only recall like five levels off the top of my head but I still liked the game. But now they're doing what they did with the Mario & Luigi remakes on the 3DS and giving them extra content. This is such a cool idea but I don't know how far they're willing to go with this Bowser's Fury things. Obviously, it's a Mario platformer so it doesn't have as much of a story as the Mario & Luigi games but I am still curious on how they're gonna pull it off. I'm guessing it's a new world with a few new levels which is cool but I can live without it. Unless people start saying it's really good I probably won't pick it up because I've already played the game but if Bowser's Fury seems worth it, then I'll guess I might get it.

Super Mario Bros. 35

It's Tetris 99 but Mario. I love Tetris 99, it's one of my most played Switch games and I'm excited for this. But, Tetris is so simple and that's why the online works, even though it's Nintendo which is known for having pretty bad online. Playing Mario Maker 2 online is painful, so how are they gonna handle this? I'm no expert but I feel like having to send enemies to other players will really slow down the game and make it borderline unplayable. Even Tetris 99 disconnects sometimes and this is essentially that but with less players but more things to worry about. I dunno, I'm just cautious. But do you know what I think is stupid? This game is only playable until 31st March 2021. Not only available until then, only playable until then. Why!? It's bad enough making a game only obtainable for a limited time but making it only playable for a limited time? That's just a terrible business descision. It's not like people are gonna frantically buy more Switches for this, it's not a system seller and Nintendo's already doing great financially thanks to Animal Crossing so making people who enjoy a game have to stop playing it six months after it releases is just stupid. It makes me not want to get the game because I can't get invested and good at it since it'll be gone in half a year.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Okay, I've wanted a Mario Kart 9 for a while but I'm not salty that this isn't that. Because this isn't Mario Kart 9, this is a fun toy to use for a week and then get bored of it. It's such a cool idea and looks like it would be a blast to play with friends and family but I just don't think I'd get much use out of it. My friends are all quarantined and the family I live with, including myself, are all too busy to set up and play this. I think it'd be fun if you were a little kid, I feel like 7-year-old me would love this but I just don't think I want it. Not to mention, this could be expensive. The price of this is 80% of the reason it will succeed or fail. I won't get it but if anyone has any kids that would really enjoy this, then go ahead. I'm just getting Labo vibes: something Nintendo thinks will be amazing but most people just get a bit bored of it after a few times using it.

Other Stuff

First off, a Super Mario Kart-styled Mario and Donkey Kong Jr. will be available to play as in Mario Kart Tour starting in six days which is pretty good. I don't play MKT anymore, I got bored of it but I know people who do and these look like some of the coolest characters in there at the moment. Later this year, there'll be five plush Mario keychains which look cool. I probably don't get them since I'm not a massive plush or keychain or plush keychain guy but I like the penguin one. There'll also be some shirts, bags, a flask and a mug with Mario stuff on. Standard, looks cool but I don't really have much to say. In November, there'll be a new 35th anniversary-themed Ninji speedrun course in Super Mario Maker 2 which is really cool, I love the Ninji speedruns and the more courses, the merrier. A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mario-themed tourney is coming up. I only recently got back into playing competitive Smash, so if I don't disconnect and lag out too many times, I'll be sure to check this out. (I think this one does differ from the US version since they called it a "European Online Challenge"). In January 2021, there'll be another Splatoon 2 splatfest, this time about whether you'd want to be super sized or invincible. Who wouldn't chose invincibility, I'm already tall. There's also new My Nintendo rewards in the form of splatfest t-shirts and keychains. My Nintendo is essentially beta Club Nintendo and I've never really used it but the t-shirts look cool. The keychains look horrible though. Mario-themed Animal Crossing: New Horizons furniture is also coming. They didn't show us any but it's nice that it's coming. Other stuff they briefly mentioned were Mario Monopoly, Mario Lego, NES Lego and Mario Kinder Eggs which are all stuff available now that people don't really care that much about. Super Mario All-Stars is also coming to the SNES NSO pack which is cool. I like how they keep adding games to that and they seem to actually care. I'd prefer a Virtual Console but these are fun little bonuses to go along with online.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

I just wish this wasn't leaked. Interestingly, all leaked things about this were true which is definatey something. Anyway, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy are all getting packaged together and released on the Switch in HD which is so cool. While I've played both Sunshine and Galaxy, I've never actually played 64 despite everyone talking about how great it is so I'll be sure to pick this up. It kinda sucks that Galaxy 2 won't be on there which is kinda funny since now every single 3D Mario game is available on Switch except 3D Land and Galaxy 2. But do you know what really grinds my gears about this? It's limited edition. I can understand the physical being somewhat limited but why the digital version? At least you can still play it after March 2021 (cough, cough, Mario 35, cough, cough) but why are they limiting the time people are gonna be able to buy this? It's not gonna boost sales that much since everyone who was excited for the game would've already bought it, so why does it need to be limited? This just seems like a bad business practice, the eShop is there for people to get games whenever they feel like and now they're putting a deadline on it. I just hope that this doesn't continue because I really want to be able to play games whenever I want them and not have to get them in certain timeframes.

Then they did a seven-minute montage of all the old Mario games.


In conclusion, I do love Directs and they're miles better than what Nintendo have been doing recently with announcing games on Twitter. And this was a fine Direct for a Mario-only one. While most of the stuff I don't really care about the stuff I do care about is really, really cool. One thing that drags this down is the fact that the two things that I really like the idea of (Mario 35 and 3D All-Stars) are both limited and not everyone would be able to get them and one of them I won't even be able to play after half a year. If I had to give this Direct in full a score, I'd give it 5/10.

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