Fighters Pass 2 Predictions

Hi, so, it's been just over two months since Min Min was released and nobody's execting a new Smash fighter reveal yet. Not only does it take a while to create and program a character, stage and music tracks but Covid-19 is also slowing things down quite a bit. So, in this Smash void, I have decided to do the very original idea of predicting who the final five Smash fighters will be. Now, this isn't who I want ideally but it isn't the definitive list of who's getting in. It's mostly fighters I want that seem likely.

Let's evaluate Fighters Pass 1

Fighters Pass 1 had five fighters but everyone lumps Piranha Plant in with them and I'll be doing the same. Piranha Plant didn't come with a stage, Joker came with Mementos, Hero came with Yggdrasil's Atlar, Banjo & Kazooie came with Spiral Mountain, Terry came with the King of Fighters Stadium and Byleth came with Garreg Mach Monastery. It's a joke character, an unexpected character, a retro character, a western character, a somewhat obscure character and a first party character. Now, take into account that Min Min is a first party rep. This leads me to believe that these tropes are going backwards.

Slot 2: Somewhat Obscure Fighter

While people know who Terry Bogard is and have played the Fatal Fury franchise, he's not that well-known in the grand scheme of things and even some hardcore gamers (god I hate that word) have never heard of him before Smash. I reckon that the Fatal Fury franchise is around the same in popularity as the Ni No Kuni franchise (which also happens to be my favourite gaming franchise. I'm not biased, you're biased) and that's what leads me to believe that Oliver will be the next fighter revealed. I feel like he'd work really well in Smash, using different spells and familiars and he'd just be a better Robin. You could argue that Evan from Ni No Kuni 2 is a better pick because he's more recent but Ni No Kuni 2 isn't on any Nintendo consoles but NNK1 is. Now, as shown with Joker, a character doesn't have to be on a Nintendo console to be in Smash but I really think that Oliver is just more recognisable to Nintendo and Smash fans than Evan. As for his final smash, the obvious choice is his Miracle Move which is Burning Heart (where he shoots a massive fireball which causes a huge spire of fire) but I think a move kinda like Zero Suit Samus's where she's in her ship, but he'd be riding on Tengri the dragon and shooting spells from the background (possibly even with Esther, Swaine and Marcassin). Now, I think the stage could be called Ni No Kuni and it acts kinda like Garreg Mach Monastery where it travels between a bunch of in-game locations but I'd settle for Ding Dong Dell, Al Mamoon, Hamelin, even the Miasma Marshes as stages that could work.

Slot 3: Western Fighter

Banjo-Kazooie was a heavily-requested western character who people have wanted in Smash 64. And I know another heavily-requested western character who people have wanted since Smash 4 and that's none other than Steve! Smash is essentially a gaming hall of fame and not having a fighter from the world's best-selling game ever would be a disservice. Not only does Steve have a lot of moveset potential, he's also a no-brainer to put in. Minecraft is such a big game with such a big fanbase and such a big amount of people who'd probably main him. He could hit people with weapons and maybe his down+b could make him upgrade his weapons. You'd start with wood then stone then gold then iron then diamond then netherite. I'm not sure how a building mechanic could work but I'm sure it could. His final smash could be sorta like Villager's and Isabelle's where he builds a house around the opponent or he could maybe fly on the Ender Dragon in the background (yes, I know I said Oliver could do the same thing with Tengri but shhh) or maybe he could do a classic Ike clone final smash and just hit the opponent at the top or maybe he could do some potion stuff or summon the Wither or so many others, there's so many possibilities. As for his stage, Minecraft is a sandbox game so most of the game is stuff the players have created but I think the Nether or the End could be cool stage ideas or maybe they'll go simple and put him in a village.

Slot 4: Retro Fighter

While the playable variations of Hero go from old and new, the concept of the Dragon Quest Hero is very old but very influential, especially in Japan. Now for a less old but still considered retro, and pretty influential (this time in the west) character: Crash Bandicoot. Crash is someone people have begged for in Smash for generations and it only makes sense to put him in. He has such a basic yet fun moveset with spinning and rolling and ground pounding. As for his final smash, maybe something to do with Nitro? I legitimately have no clue on what to do for his final smash (or final Crash, if you will) but I'd be happy if someone else has an idea on what his final smash could be (I'll probably have an idea like five seconds after I post this lol). And really just take your for the stage. I'd want Cortex's lair personally.

Slot 5: Unlikely Fighter

Everyone said Joker could never be in Smash. Everyone said that because he wasn't on a Nintendo console, he didn't have a chance. Do you know why? Because Smash fans love gatekeeping who can and can't be a fighter. According to some Smash fans, being an assist trophy, a spirit, a trophy, a Mii fighter costume, not being on a Nintendo console, and so many other means that you can't be a fighter but that's been disproven so many times. Everyone was saying that Disney wouldn't let anything that they touch in Smash but I do believe that Sora can and will be in Smash. Tell me about how it's unlikely, but the demand's there. Admittedly, I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game so I don't know what Sora's movest or stage could be. So, if you have any ideas please tell me (nobody's gonna comment on this, I know that much).

Slot 6: Joke Character

I think we can all agree with the statement "Piranha Plant is a joke character". Every fighting game has one. 64 had Jigglypuff, Melee had Pichu, Brawl had R.O.B., Smash 4 had Wii Fit Trainer and Ultimate has Piranha Plant. I think that Fighters Pass 2 will end the way FP1 started, with a joke character and I think Sakurai will pull a screw-you and put Waluigi as the final DLC fighter. I know he's an assist trophy but to my knowledge, neither Sakurai nor Nintendo have ever said that assist trophies can't be fighters. Stop looking for patterns that are mostly coincidental. Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it can't. The stage will also probably be something stupid but, wild prediction alert, it may even coincide with a Waluigi game on the Switch. As for his final Smash, I think he may even get Luigi's Brawl final smash: Negative Zone. While it fit Luigi at the time, Luigi's stepped out of Mario's shadow and gotten his own year, game series and side games too. If there's one Mario character who fits Negative Zone, it's Waluigi.


So, that's my somewhat biased prediction. What do you think? Do I think this will 100% happen? Of course not but it might, you can never really know until it's everyone's revealed.

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