Hello I am Poisoon140! And this is my fanon.  And it's about wikia, belive it or not. Remember, this is just a fanon. Also, if you want to be in chapter 2, please ask.

Chapter 1

Today was Nintendo Wiki Kingdom's 10th year anniversaary, and everybody in the kingdom was excited. The article buildings, the main page castle, and the policy look-out tower, were all tidied up nicely.Everyone was celebrating, when all of a sudden, a cannon hit the article house Sandbag! It was fired by none other than the villanous trolls! They were now swarming the large Pikmin Enemies village (in this fanon, village means category)! Troops (nontroll users with no special rights) and commanders (users with special rights) alike started attacking the trolls! The commanders blocked them one by one, while troops undid their spamming. Soon, the trolls fled. Many of the active users were harmed in the battle. I was one of them. My name is Poisoon140. I am in the user hospital because a commander's ban blast hit a mirror and relfected at my leg. Ouch, right? So anyways, I couldn't edit anything, I couldn't go to the talk place (forum), or go to the plaza (chat). "Poisoon! Hey, Poisoon!", said the commander that accidentally hit me with the ban blast. "Yeah?", I said. "Hey, sorry I hit you with that. I always told those guys to get rid of that mirror.", she said. "It's alright, the unban process will be started tonight and end tommorow. I am good.", I said. "Hey wait, can you tell my friend I can't see him in the plaza today?", I then said. "Okay", she said, and then she went to my friend's house (house means userpage in this fanon), and told him. "Aw man.", my friend said. "Oh well, hope he gets better.", he said right after saying what he said before. And that day passed very, very slowly...

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