Hello, everyone. My name is none of your business. I’m a huge fan of Nintendo’s systems, from the Nintendo 64, to the Nintendo Switch, and all those systems in between.

So recently, I discovered a weird looking Nintendo GameCube controller that is wildly different from the final controller. Here’s a picture:

One thing you’ll notice right away, is that there isn’t the iconic Nintendo GameCube logo there. Instead, there is a logo that has a G, a 3 above the G, and a curved arrow beside the G.

I’m gonna go ahead and dub this controller the G3. There are a lot of differences between the G3 and the GameCube. For example, the Circle Pad, the D Pad, the C Pad, A B X Y, L R and Z, and even the Start/Pause button.

And I found one of the most interesting thing about the G3. It has a thing called a Turbo button. I don’t know what it does, but I’m guessing the Turbo button would’ve been used for power attacks in games.

Now I’ve got a favor to ask one of y’all. If you can, contact Nintendo about this controller, and get back to me as soon as you can.

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