Jumpman98 Jumpman98 19 December 2012

All Your History: Nintendo

Machinima has a series of videos called All Your History Belong To Us which are documentaries about whatever video game company or series they decide to work on. They recently completed one about the history of Nintendo and I think you might find out some things that you never did know about this awesome company.

History of Nintendo Part 2:


History of Nintendo Part 3:


History of Nintendo Part 4:


History of Nintendo Part 5:


History of Nintendo Part 6:


History of Nintendo Part 7:


History of Metroid Part 1:


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Jumpman98 Jumpman98 3 December 2012

Why not Wii U?

A Wii U Launch Song. Hilarious.

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Jumpman98 Jumpman98 26 November 2012

Suggestions for the Wiki

I was thinking about the wiki a few days ago and came up with an idea to make the Nintendo Wiki possibly better. Most of you know there are photo gallerys for different games, such as the Super Mario 64/gallery, but I'm thinking we could probably have more content related to game pages. What I was specifically thinking of was we could also have separate pages for the soundtrack for a game ( for ex. Assassin's Creed 3/soundtrack or /music station) and for TV shows, such as the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, a separate page where episodes of the TV show can be viewed ( for ex. Captain N/TV station). I was just thinking these ideas might help the Nintendo Wiki become more of a one-stop-shop (so to speak) for all things Nintendo. If anybody lik…

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Jumpman98 Jumpman98 2 November 2012

Which was YOUR favorite ad?

Well, the Wikia Holloween contest is now over. It's no surprise that we didn't win due to all the ideas we recieved from the members of this wiki. But how does the old saying go, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose...". But now I would like to know which ads that you saw did you like the most? Just post your favorite ad in the comment section below and we'll see which ad has the most hits.

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Jumpman98 Jumpman98 29 October 2012

Burger King Wii U Contest

Burger King is hosting a contest from October 22, to December 2, 2012, where if you win the Mario themed minigame you win a Wii U basic set Wii U!

The contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who, as of date of entry, are 13 years of age or older. Once you complete your registration, To play, you must obtain a Code, to get a Code, you can either find it on the back of your Burger King receipt, during the contest period, or you can actually get BK to send you a code via e-mail for free! The Code will be the combination of the store number and date and time of purchase on your receipt or the store number of the closest BK to you along with the time the e-mail was sent to you. Once you input…

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