Inspired by Nathaniel Bandy.

WARNING!!! The following blog post is over exaggerated. Most opinions shared are accurate to my feelings and thoughts. No don't Switch to a Switch permenantly.

  • Those who say the Switch is better than the Wii.
  • "Nintendo Switch." What a name!
  • The Joycon's are so small, I can put 4 of them in my pockets.
  • This is the first Nintendo console since the GAMECUBE to not be backwards compatible with it's predecessor.
  • Where's the Nintendo TVii, Virtual Console, Miiverse, Free online, Actually good games, and the FRICKIN' CAMERA!? THOSE WERE GREAT!!
  • The dock is very low-quality, there isn't any protection, or AV Adapter.
  • The Joycon analog sticks drift very frequently.
  • Roblox. WHERE IS ROBLOX!?
  • Nintendo Switch Online is terrible, it costs lots of money, isn't available in every country, and the NES and SNES game service was added just to make the membership worth it.
  • NONE of the controllers have power buttons.
  • Does everyone use handheld? It's just annoying.
  • Motion controls aren't great anymore.
  • I can't use my Wii stuff. Yet I can use GameCube controllers.
  • This console made buying the Wii U useless. That's sad.
  • Where's all the creative controller accessories? The NES had a GLOVE CONTROLLER! And the GameCube had BONGOS!!
  • The Game Card tastes terrible ON PURPOSE.
  • The commercials for the Switch are 10x better than the Wii U, but some of them are cringe-worthy.
  • The Joycon's are $60!!!
  • There is no game included!? I have to spend more money!?
  • The memory on the Switch is low.
  • I can't use standard SD cards!
  • There's no cool and groovy menu music.

Man, the Switch really does have lots of problems doesn't it? But actually, the Switch isn't that bad. Let me know what you think of this blog, and what else triggers you about the Switch. Goodbye, and have a good day.