I wanted to remind the community of the existence of the featured articles nomination page. It is pretty much unused and could help the admins to choose which articles you want to be featured for the month.

Every suggested articles should be A class articles or at the very least really well written B class articles. if you don't really know what that means or are new on this wiki here is a little rundown on what article classes means:

  • A - Means covers topic thoroughly, multiple sections with subsections that are filled, several links, images, templates and has subpages.
  • B - Means covers topic well, multiple sections with at least a paragraph, several links and templates
  • C - Means covers the bare minimum an article should have; a section or two with a paragraph, not completely linked and maybe templates
  • D - Means covers enough to give a gist of the topic. A couple sentences and the sections are laid out with a filled infobox
  • E - means it barely covers topic ie. Infobox but only one sentence or a few sentences and incomplete infobox.
  • X - Article qualifies as C or D but, not much more information can be added.

I or another admin will change the featured article once a month, so don't hesitate to suggest your favorite articles on the nomination page. If the article you want to be featured is not an A class article, you still have a month after the last one's nomination to edit it to fit the standards of a typical A class article. I will try to make a blog post each time we have a new featured article to remind the community that those still exist. In case no article of quality is suggested by the community, I or another admin will arbitrarily choose a well written article to be the one featured for the rest of the month.

The featured article of this month is Metroid Prime.

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