Super Mario World (NA)

Sorry for being a little late this month. I am a little busy this week so I could not really evaluate the featured article properly. My presence will also be minimal on the wiki for a day or two after this post. This month's featured article was basically the best not yet featured A class article I could find in a hurry. You can consider this month as a breather month so don't worry for anyone who made a suggestion this month, I will check them out for october for sure.

As I said this month's featured article was chosen in a hurry so that I don't leave August's article here is a really good older class A article that was never featured in the past strangely enough. Super Mario World is this month's featured article. Super Mario World is a classic of the SNES who is mainly known for being the best selling SNES game as well as the game who introduced Yoshi and the one who inspired the creation of the Yoshi series.

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