Soul-Blazer SNES-box-art

As promised last month, this month's article is Soul Blazer. This article was chosen via the Nomination page and should have been the September article if I had the time to go through the suggestions during the first week of September. Instead Super Mario World was chosen because it was a genuinely well written article and I didn't really had the time to go for anything I wasn't very familiar with. This is now rectified and Soul Blazer can have October for itself.

Soul Blazer is an action RPG developed by Quintet for Enix during the SNES era. It released in 1992 for North America and Japan but took two more years to release in Europe, which is admittedly better than a lot of the games of this time period who often failed to come to Europe or even leave Japan. The game in itself follow the traditional dungeon crawling formula with a character exploring dungeons and fighting monsters in it to get closer to his goal. In this game, the player must free the souls of the inhabitants of the world which were stolen by monsters. Each saved soul will add a new character to the world allowing for new advices or ways to get items.

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