After examining the nomination, Picross 3D was deemed currently unfit to be a featured article. It is a C class article that lacks a some information expected of the better written video game articles like the sales or development sections. I know these informations are not necessarily available for every games but I cannot let an article that lacks some essential infomations be featured when there are way more complete video game articles on the website. I would advise anyone wanting to see Picross 3D as a featured article to work on the article until it is worthy of being a class B or A video game article and then I will have no problem validating it as next month's featured article.

In the mean time I had to choose a different article as Picross 3D was the only nomination made this past month. So the featured article of July is Fae to celebrate the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses this month. Fae is a Manakete, Manakete are a species of Dragon who chose to seal their powers into a Dragonstone and assume a humanoid form most of the time. Since Dragons are aging very slowly, taking thousands of years to even reach adulthood, Fae is a few hundred human years old despite still being a child. As it is very common for Manakete her ages, she has the mind of a human child would and is extremely carefree.

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