Nikki - Nikkis Travel Quizz

Since no suggestions have been made on the Nomination page for this January, this month's featured article was choosed by myself. A nomination for Dr. Mario World made by TheAmazingRaspberry was considered but as they believe it would be better to not have a Mario related article three months in a row, this page will be featured in February instead. If you want to suggest an A class article on said page, there is a good chance that it will be choosed next month if other users agree with your choice.

This month's featured article is Nikki, which is a mascot character created by Nintendo for Swapnote back in 2011. Nikki's existence was not confined to that app, however. She has since made multiple appearances in other apps made by Nintendo. She has also made a few appearances in big Nintendo games like Super Mario Maker where she is a costume or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where she is a fully fledged Assist Trophy.

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