To commemorate today, the 25th anniversary of the Metroid franchise, here is a bit of backstory about the Metroid story. Just a note, I didn't write all of this synosis, a lot it was taken from a Metroid game manual.

Prior to Metroid

The Galactic Federation wass formed in the year 2003 C.C. (Cosmic Calender) the leaders of various planets united in order to form a congress in an attempt to construct a fair and structured universe where society would prosper. Under the guidance of this new federation, the individuals of the planets began to associate with each other and a new civilization began to develop. Various leaps in technology for transportation were created, such as interstellar spaceships, and society flourished through the use of such expansion.

At this time, Earth came into contact with individuals from these other worlds and the advanced technology that these people possessed was shared with the humans of Earth. All seemed well in this new society. However, devious groups known as "Space Pirates" began to attack the spaceships in the hopes of looting valuable goods from them and to strike fear in the hearts of the people. In order to counter these attacks, the Federal Bureau set up a new combat force known as the Federal Police. Yet the pirates were extremely difficult to battle in the depths of space, even with the advanced technology of the Federation. Thus, they recruited a group of courageous individuals who became known as "Space Hunters" equipped with the best weapons available. The Federation provided huge financial bonuses to the Hunters in reward for hunting down and destroying the pirates.

Have Nintendo forgotten about the big 25?

It seems as if Nintendo have done nothing to commemorate this joyous event. I'm not sure how Nintendo have overlooked this, but it doesn't look like they have any plans to release anything to do with Metroid which is a shame really, because Metroid is my favourite franchise (alongside Pokémon). But what do you guys think? Have Nintendo really forgotten about Metroid's 25th Anniversary and what would you like to see Nintendo do in order to commemorate this?

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