We've known for quite some time that Nintendo would deliver the goods in 2010. New Mario, Metroid, and maybe even a new Zelda? That's good and dandy, but what's really interesting is that Nintendo is publishing a host of new RPG's, and in the past day they've just announced two! First is The Last Story, which is being developed by noneother than Mistalker, which was founded by the creator of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, you name it. Not much is known about it, but you can tell Sakaguchi's missing the good ol' days of working on Final Fantasy because it sports a VERY similar name (Last=Final, Story=Fantasy).

Next, Nintendo has also announced that GameFreak is well on their way with the next Pokémon game, which is expected to be the first game in the fifth generation since they've announced it'll have brand new Pokémon.

But that's not all! Nintendo has chosen to rename Monado: Beginning of the World to Xenoblade for obvious marketing reasons. Monolith Soft has lost the rights to Xenogears, then Xenosaga, so since they're now owned by Nintendo maybe they can keep Xenoblade (but if not, that's okay because there are a quarter of a million words in the English language. Xenospace, Xenowars, Xenokitten).

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