It feels like just yesterday we were saying farewell to George Harrison, then Perrin Kaplan, and then Denise Kaigler. Now we must say goodbye to Cammie Dunaway. I know a lot of people were critical of Dunaway, myself included. Her introduction was, well, less than satisfactory, especially when put up against the introduction of Reggie. Her stories about skiing trips and breaking her ankle (or something like that... I wasn't really paying attention) during an event that should be about announcing the hottest new Nintendo games was, to be frank, shocking. Over the next couple of years she got better, but gamers could never get rid of that image of her spouting absolute nonsense. She was the definitive image of Nintendo's E3 2008 showing... and people hated Nintendo's E3 2008 showing. Heck, even Nintendo hated their E3 2008 showing.

But now that Cammie is gone, I can't help but think that we were a bit too harsh. Anyway, here's what Reggie has to say about Cammie:

"We appreciate Cammie's contributions to Nintendo and the role she played in bringing the Wii and Nintendo DS experiences to millions of people. Her team and the rest of Nintendo of America remain focused on our goal of maintaining the incredible momentum Nintendo enjoys heading into the busy holiday season."

And here's what Cammie says:

"I'm thankful for my time with Nintendo and proud of our team's accomplishments in growing the Nintendo audience. I look forward to watching the continued growth of the Nintendo brand in the years ahead."

Cammie left to pursue a different job, which she'll be starting on October 1st. So, with that said, there's nothing to feel bad about here. It's not like she got fired.

This reminds me that I need to create an article on Cammie Dunaway... like, right now.

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