So, they announced, that two months after the Switch released, Nintendo has announced an online service that is paid called "Nintendo Switch Online" It was originally set to release in early 2018, instead it was pushed to 2nd half of September 2018! There are several reasons why me and other users hate this online service.

1. It costs money. A 12-month membership isn't bad, it only costs $19.99 for one person, but I still don't want this service to launch! EVER!

2. People hate this service because almost everybody including my friends, hate this service because it COSTS freakin' money! Gosh Nintendo, can't you wait another year?

and finally....

3. Give us more time! Everybody wants to play Fortnite, MK8D, Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces, & more for free! My thoughts said they should release this service in 2019!

So, these are the reasons why I don't ever want a paid online service for the Switch! So, agree or disagree with my rant on the paid online service:

Choose either this or that!

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