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Magolor is a character in the Kirby series. He first appeared as the hidden true main antagonist of Kirby's Return to Dream Land and has since redeemed himself by helping Kirby in various occasions.

In his default form, Magolor is a brown oval-shaped creature who wears pale yellow gloves. His outfit is a blue robe that incorporates a white cape that makes him appear mouthless by covering his mouth area. His eyes are yellow.

Magolor comes from the planet Halcandra and captains the Lor Starcutter starship. One day, he crashes his ship on Planet Pop Star, this destroys the Starcutter, spreading its parts across Pop Star's many territories. He is eventually discovered by Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee. He asks for their help, originally coming off as an unlucky captain. After Kirby and co. fixes the Starcutter, he takes them to his planet of Halcandra, but he is shot down by the dragon Landia. After Kirby defeats Landia, however, Magolor shows his true self, an evil, greedy monster who wants to take over the world. The only thing that was stopping Magolor from reaching this goal was Landia, who was guarding the Master Crown. He pretends to congratulate Kirby on taking down Landia, but then grabs up the Crown and throws it on his head. He completely changes his look and reveals that he originally attacked Landia, but was beaten, so he crashed the Starcutter on Pop Star. He then met Kirby and used him as a soldier to take down Landia. After he gets his hands on the Master Crown, Magolor becomes a powerful entity and then opens up a wormhole and flies off, bent on taking over the universe. Kirby and co. awaken Landia, and chase Magolor down. They follow him to another dimension, and He attacks in the Dark Starcutter. They destroy the Starcutter and fight Magolor. After the battle, he falls, only to rise up again in a more demonic form. Kirby and Co. then fight him again and beat him, this time for real despite his newfound powers. He falls, and the Master crown is destroyed. Magolor reverts back to his normal form and disappears.

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