These are some of my anticipated characters for the fourth Smash Bros. game. Enjoy!

Image Character Franchise Movelist_for_the_Character
Bowser Jr (Mario Party 9) Bowser Junior Super Mario
  • Standard: Paintball
  • Side: Shell Slide
  • Up: Copter Brush
  • Down: Shell Slam
  • Final: Mecha Bowser
Ghirahim Ghirahim The Legend of Zelda
  • Standard: Shadow Swords
  • Side: Flame Wheel
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Buster Sword
  • Final: Sword of Demise
King K. Rool Artwork - Donkey Kong 64 King K. Rool Donkey Kong Country
  • Standard: Kannonball
  • Side: Crown Boomerang
  • Up: Kopter Pack
  • Down: Crocodile Slam
  • Final: Krelming Krew
KRTDL Magolor Magolor Kirby
  • Standard: Star Cut
  • Side: Star Dash
  • Up: Warp
  • Down: Star Shield
  • Final: Master Crown
Medusa Uprising Medusa Kid Icarus
  • Standard: Stone Stare
  • Side: Snake Launch
  • Up: Warp
  • Down: Dark Barrier
  • Final: Giant Medusa
MegaMan Mega Man Mega Man
(Third Party)
  • Standard: Mega Buster
  • Side: Crash Bomb
  • Up: Rush Jet
  • Down: Leaf Shield
  • Final: Rush Adapter
New Mewtwo Mewtwo Pokemon
  • Standard: Shadow Ball
  • Side: Psycho Cut
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Counter
  • Final: Psychic
MTO Mii 3 Mii Nintendo

Movesets for Miis are customizable; any special from any character can be used.

Pac-Man (Pac-Man The Adventure Begins) Pac-Man Pac-Man
(Third Party)
  • Standard: Pac-Chomp
  • Side: Rev Roll
  • Up: Pac-Copter
  • Down: Butt Bounce
  • Final: Power Pellet
Rayman Rayman Rayman
(Third Party)
  • Standard: Charge Punch
  • Side: Hi Ho Missile!
  • Up: Power Copter
  • Down: Slamdown
  • Final: Lum Frenzy!
95px Ridley Metroid
  • Standard: Fireball
  • Side: Ridley Rush
  • Up: Paraloop
  • Down: Tail Stab
  • Final: Ridley Finale
Zoroark Zoroark Pokemon
  • Standard: Shadow Claw
  • Side: Faint Attack
  • Up: Quick Attack
  • Down: Counter
  • Final: Dark Pulse

Well, what do you think?

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