I understand those Phillips CDi games based Nintendo's Mario and Zelda are consider to be humiliatingly awful and universally bad (they're so bad that would eventually become the international internet memes, and still goes on today), and I know long ago where Nintendo already had tried to make deals with Phillips to make a CD add-on for SNES, and until Phillips had decided to make their own console instead, but it's kinda wired for Nintendo's console rival to use Nintendo characters to make game with them for their hardware. I mean, imagine that will happen today where Nintendo's other rivals, like Sony and Microsoft, will use the rights of Nintendo franchises to make their adaptations for their hardwares. For example, imagine if Sony will make a new Ape Escape video game for their PlayStation consoles that will feature Donkey Kong as a main villain. But I know in reality, that will definitely never happen at all. It would be very badder than CDi's Nintendo games. And I know Nintendo will be better off using their franchise for their consoles.

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