Upon my research on the Mario (franchise) on Wikipedia, I read the part that Sony Pictures (owned by Sony) is currently partnered with Nintendo to produce the future animated film featuring Mario (link to prove: Sony partner with Nintendo for Mario movie? Seriously? What was Sony thinking? Sony has their PlayStation video game consoles which’re conceder to be the competitors of Nintendo consoles, but now they’re currently team up with Sony’s longtime rival of video game hardware industry? What gives? And what’s going on with Sony and why? Is it because Sony’s PlayStation consoles are going to be discontinued and extinct so Sony will focus to make games as softwares for various consoles, including Nintendo? Or is it because Nintendo is going to give up making hardwares and consoles and then focus on making softwares for various consoles, including Sony? Or is it because the PlayStations are going be sold from Sony to other companies?

That is crazy. If that happens, I know that Mario will be appeared in many PlayStation games and consoles, don’t you think?

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