Hello everyone. For my first blog, I will be telling who I want to see in SSB4. Tell me who you want to see, and I'll add it.

Mario series

  • Daisy
  • Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario

Zelda series

  • Young Link (from SSBM)

Fire Emblem series

  • Black Knight

Kirby series

  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo

Metroid series

  • Ridley

Donkey Kong series

  • Dixie Kong
  • King K. Rool

Pokemon series

  • Mewtwo
  • Zoroark
  • Pokemon Trainer Generation V
  • Pokemon Trainer Generation VI

Sonic series

  • Tails
  • Shadow
  • Silver
  • Dr. Eggman

Mega Man series

  • Mega Man X

Metal Gear Solid series

  • Snake
  • Raiden

Yoshi series

  • Birdo
  • Baby Yoshi
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Bowser

Wario series

  • Waluigi


  • Miis

What do you think? Who else?

---123VideoGamerNinja; a Ninja who plays video games 16:02, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

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