My mains


  • Create pages for Wave Race characters
  • Create pages for characters with SSB trophies, stickers, and spirits.
  • Create articles for Fossil Fighters characters
  • Create articles for Rhythm Heaven characters

Lucky Edits

Currently have six. Table was inspired by Ghirahim le fabuleux's user page.

Number Article Date Reason
276,000 Tasha 6/2/2019 Correcting spelling from sacrfices to sacrifices
300,000 User:TheAmazingRaspberry 11/22/2019 Editing to-do list
302,000 Some fanon article 12/2/2019 Adding deletion template
306,000 Kakariko Village 12/20/2019 Cleaning up writing and fixing link to Dampé
378,000 Unknown ???? (Likely November or December 2020) Unknown. The new Wiki/Fandom format does not show what article received the award, so unfortunately I do not know.
404,000 Unknown Second half of June 2021 Unknown

Also, my Wiki Hero edit (editing once per day for a whole year) was achieved on June 15, 2020 by editing Sukapon and adding his gender and year of creation.