• I live in America
  • I am a guy

I'm a fan of most Nintendo games.

That's all.

My mains


  • Create articles for remaining Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. characters.
  • Create pages for Wave Race characters
  • Create pages for characters with SSB trophies, stickers, and spirits.
  • Create articles for Shinobu, Beaksley (I think that's his name), and Iceman

Lucky Edits

Currently have four. Table was inspired by Ghirahim le fabuleux's user page.

Number Article Date Reason
276,000 Tasha 6/2/2019 Correcting spelling from sacrfices to sacrifices
300,000 User:TheAmazingRaspberry 11/22/19 Editing to-do list
302,000 Some fanon article 12/2/19 Adding deletion template
306,000 Kakariko Village 12/20/19 Cleaning up writing and fixing link to Dampé
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