aka Supercat

  • I live in Kittyville

Hi my name is Supercat15. I enjoy searching and reading articles and information the wikia has to offer. I enjoy playing videogames and my Nintendo 3DS friend code is 3179 - 6110 - 2866 if you want to add me. I have just turned 13 and my name is Shane. I am going into eight grade and I live in California. I started playing videogames when I was four. My brother brother had boughten a purple Gamecube and had gotten Scooby Doo Night of a Hundred frights and Spongebob Wrath of the Flying Dutchman. I enjoy playing videogames alot and I also have an Xbox 360 and my gamertag is Yayap3 if you want to add me. I am a fan of the Mario platforming series and some of my favorite Mario games are Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 64, the Super Mario Galaxy series, and the Paper Mario series. I also enjoy Pokemon alot and my first pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow version ,but my overall favorite is Pokemon Ruby Version. See ya around the wiki!

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