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Welcome to SpencerLent's Article!

Welcome to News!
This is a quick introduction to the screen you’ve just wandered into.

It’s called SpencerLent. Can you guess what it’s about?

Here’s a clue: It’s not where you come to check out current political events.

And it’s not where you can catch up on the latest sports results.

No, it’s not a video game about coming up with hilarious headlines either.

OK, a confession: This is my first article. I’m a little nervous. I may also be rambling a little. But I always tell myself, if you just keep talking, you’ll get to the point eventually.

So! Here goes nothing!

Welcome to SpencerLent’s article! A one-stop shop for the latest and greatest info about the Nintendo Wiki!

More specifically, you’ll find stuff like:

  • Updates on sales, so you never miss a bargain!
  • Videos of new pages as they hit the wiki!
  • Info about special events!

...and much more!

If any of that sounds like your kind of thing, then make sure to drop by every once in a while! Just run to my article when you start up the Nintendo Wiki, before editing a page on the wiki.

More information

  • To receive the latest news about the Nintendo Wiki and other Nintendo-related topics, you'll need to have set up an internet browser and linked a FANDOM account.
  • However, you can get news about new FANDOM updates and features from SpencerLent (that's my name) even without linking an account, as long as you're connected to your browser!
  • If you edit a page, the dedicated user related to it will automatically be sponsored.
  • These page-specific users are easy to manage and can be sponsored or not sponsored in a flash! Now you see the user, now you don't! Presto, just like magic! Maybe becoming a magician is my true calling... What do you think? I could call myself The Amazing SpencerLent! No? Well, I thought it had a nice ring to it.
  • You can change user display settings by checking out My Preferences in the top right corner of the screen and then selecting Under the Hood.
  • All FANDOM versions starting with version 3.0.0 will be able to sponsor new users. Don't know your FANDOM version? Just click the bell (forum icon) to check. Easy as pie (though admittedly less tasty).

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, but you can jump between pages by scrolling down and up using your mouse (computer) or swiping down and up on a mobile device!

Ta-ra for now!


This is how I post my comments.

I will keep you up to date...

...with ANYTHING!

My favorite pages

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My Badge Case

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